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Give the students a minute to study the picture. Then hide the picture so it cannot be seen. Then they have to write down what was in the suitcase. Each student writes their list of items. The person with the most correct answers is the winn

12 Ideas for Online (Virtual) Summer Camp


Around the world trip.

Each student chooses a country which he has already visited or wants to visit. The students write and read a description of what they will do or what they did in each country. The others have to guess the country.

Mother's Day


ln Britain fourth Sunday of Lent was called Mothering Sunday. Centuries ago, people visited their ‘mother' church in their town or village on this day. Later, when young people started to leave home to work, and live farther away, they had a day's holiday once a year to visit their mother and the mother church. They took presents like flowers, cake home to their mothers. Slowly, Mothering Sunday changed to Mother’s Day – a special day for mothers.