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Pancake Day ideas for schools and kindergartens


Pancakes are the stuff of so many happy school memories: cooking them, flipping them, racing with them and, of course, eating them. Pancakes are very simple to prepare and this, together with the wealth of possible flavour combinations, makes them ideal for cooking in the early years.

Valentine's Day


On 14 February lovers celebrate Valentine’s Day. People in love give each other cards and presents: flowers — especially roses —chocolates or jewellery.

Valentine’s Day Classroom Activities


Find your valentine

Great for pairing up children Divide your class into two groups. Give out a set of word cards to the first group and a set of picture cards to the second group. The object of the game is to match pictures with words and find your partner (valentine) for today’s lesson. To do this, children should move around the class, asking questions “Have you got a mailbox” etc.

Chinese New Year


What Is Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year is a traditional and very important Chinese holiday. It was originally a festival to honour ancestors as well as holy or sacred beings. It is also known as the Spring Festival. The celebration can be referred to as the Lunar New Year because the Chinese calendar uses the moon phases (the amount of the moon you can see from Earth depending on how much is lit by the sun), as well as the solar year.

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