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Valentine’s Day Classroom Activities


Find your valentine

Great for pairing up children Divide your class into two groups. Give out a set of word cards to the first group and a set of picture cards to the second group. The object of the game is to match pictures with words and find your partner (valentine) for today’s lesson. To do this, children should move around the class, asking questions “Have you got a mailbox” etc.

Learn English with SOCIAL MEDIA


How much time do you spend on social networks? Why not take advantage of this to learn a language?

Here are some ideas on how to use social networking sites to improve your language skills.

Winter Idioms


We want to introduce 7 idioms which are connected to winter. These winter idioms are exceptionally useful. You can download winter idioms flashcards. You can also download winter idioms worksheet.


Awesome Christmas Games for Online Teaching


Christmas is one of the most special times of the year and we know it! We have a lot of online Christmas activities here at English Portal. Christmas vocabulary activities, Christmas spelling games, online Christmas grammar activities, Christmas listening activities to learn English online. Have a good look around, find some inspiration and ideas, get sparkly and enjoy yourselves this Christmas!

Get in the holiday spirit with these Christmas games online!

Halloween Interesting Facts


The word bonfire comes from bone and fire. Animal bones were thrown into the fires to keep evil spirits away.