12 Ideas for Online (Virtual) Summer Camp


Around the world trip.

Each student chooses a country which he has already visited or wants to visit. The students write and read a description of what they will do or what they did in each country. The others have to guess the country.

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Online listening activities


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Give the students a minute to study the picture. Then hide the picture so it cannot be seen. Then they have to write down what was in the suitcase. Each student sends you their list of sentences. The person with the most correct answers is the winner.

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Sound stories

The teacher records sound such as the wind, a car engine, a storm, a cat meowing, steps and so on.

The children listen to and identify sounds and then make a few sentences based on what they hear. Ex. “I am in the forest; the birds are singing….”


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What is missing or I have forgotten something

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Use these images to play a game. Show the first picture (a), then the second one (b). One item is missing in the second picture. The first student to spot the missing item has to say “Oh, no! I have forgotten my …. (the name of the missing thing).

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Chain games

Introduce the phrase, ‘I am going to the beach, and I am going to take a towel’. The first child should add to the list, using another word, in the following way: ‘I am going to the beach, and I am going to take a towel and a beach bag. Students take turns to repeat a list and add new items to it.

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Send these summer images to your students. Deal out them equally. The first player shows one of his pictures and begins the story ex. “Once upon a time there lived a frog and she liked ……” The second player should then choose a suitable card to follow on as the next event in the story, and narrate the next stage.

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Radio station.

Find several famous songs ( such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVjsGKrE6E8&lc=Ugy2HDhSSalUv6Ym6314AaABAg ) or you can ask your students to do it. Play a piece of the song and your students have to name it.

Summer Daily Routine Vlog

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Ask your students to create a video about their daily summer routine ( example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5n9t6fSrDE )

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Summer bucket list

Create a Summer bucket list. Ask the student to give their ideas.

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Summer scavenger hunt

Create a list for the summer scavenger hunt.

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