Christmas Vocabulary Pack


Here’s a little Christmas gift for you this year: fun, festive vocabulary activities that are ready to be used in your classroom.

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In general, Christmas lessons can be a lot of fun. As the teacher, you might want to introduce these words over the course of several lessons or within one lesson. The trick is just finding the time to prepare those lessons!

To make things easier on you, we’ve got lots of activities to practice Christmas vocabulary.

Introduce Christmas Vocabulary.

A slideshow or flashcards would be ideal for this because it is incredibly difficult to explain gingerbread houses and chimneys to ESL students without images to refer to. You can always introduce the words using this website or use our fantastic Christmas flashcards. You may also use video flashcards Use choral repetition to practice the pronunciation of new vocabulary words


Christmas vocabulary pack includes different activities:

  • Listening activities,
  • Multiple choice,
  • Christmas cryptogram,
  • Word search,
  • Scrambled Christmas words
  • Christmas crosswords
  • Christmas bingo
  • Board games

You can always practice Christmas vocabulary online

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