Easter Traditions and Symbols in Britain


Easter is a very important festival in Great Britain. Easter day is always on Sunday, and it is in spring. the wish for this day is “Happy Easter”. There are many symbols and interesting traditions on this day.

The Easter bunny

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The symbol of Easter is an Easter bunny, a happy rabbit with a basket of chocolate eggs. He brings these eggs to children on Easter Sunday. On Easter Sunday morning children look for the eggs. It's a very exciting Easter egg hunt. For this reason, chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs are very popular in Great Britain. Children have a basket to collect their eggs.


Painting eggs

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English children like coloring and decorating eggs for Easter. Eggs are very important because they mean spring and new life.


Easter egg tree

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Children and parents make a very nice decoration. They put branches in a vase and hang eggs on them.


Easter bonnet

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 At Easter people used to wear special hats.They are called bonnets.

The bonnets are always new. In some British primary schools they organize an “Easter bonnet parade” where the best bonnet wins a prize.


Maundy Thursday

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In Britain, on the Thursday before Easter Sunday, the Queen goes to Westminster Abbey and she gives money to some poor people. Westminster Abbey is a very famous cathedral in London.


Good Friday and Hot Cross Buns

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Good Friday is the Friday before Easter Sunday. On this day people eat hot cross buns. These are small loaves bread of sweet bread with fruit and spices and they have a cross on top. They are best when you eat them hot.


Easter egg rolling

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Another Easter tradition is egg rolling. People decorate eggs with different colors. They take the eggs on the top of the hill and eggs roll down. The first egg to get to the bottom of the hill, is the winner.

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