Halloween Games Online


Are you looking for online Halloween games? Are you looking for some fun, spooky, and exciting Halloween games for your kids to play?

We’ve gathered together Fun Halloween Games and Halloween activities which can be used online.

These online Halloween games are ideal for both Halloween online classes and kids parties at home.

Halloween Concentration game

Halloween Match Game



Halloween sound stories

This is an amazing Halloween game.

The teacher records sound such as the wind, a storm, a cat meowing, steps and so on.

The children listen to and identify sounds and then make a few sentences based on what they hear. Ex. “I am in the forest; I can hear a ghost….”

Download Halloween sounds


Halloween puzzles



Halloween storytelling

Hand out these Halloween images to your students. Deal out them equally. Play the beginning of the story. The first player shows one of his pictures and continues the story. The second player should then choose a suitable card to follow on as the next event in the story, and narrate the next stage.


Halloween Memory Game “Cameras”

To play this Halloween party game you have to download images at this link

Give the children 30 seconds to study the picture and then ask them to cover the picture so it cannot be seen. Then they have to name as many objects as they can remember. A child gets 1 candy for each correct answer.


Halloween memory game online



Halloween hangman online



Halloween word search online



Halloween spelling online activity



Halloween witch description online game



Halloween online vocabulary practice



Halloween riddles online



Halloween attention online game


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