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Halloween Interesting Facts


The word bonfire comes from bone and fire. Animal bones were thrown into the fires to keep evil spirits away.

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Halloween was also called Nutcrack Night or Snap Apple Night in England.

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Many Japanese honor their ancestors during Bon, the Festival of the Dead.

This celebration is held from August 13-15.

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In India, camel bones are buried under the door to keep ghosts out.

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In Germany, a nightmare is called a "goblin squeeze."

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The Hopi Indians hold a festival for their dead in June, on the longest day of the year. This is when they believe the sun is as high as it can go.

In Mexico, toys are put out for children who have died, and bakers sell ”Dead Men’s Bread” shaped like skulls.

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In France on Halloween children ask for flowers to put on graves in cemeteries.

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