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The Ukrainians as any other people have their own traditions and holidays. One of the most popular holidays in Ukraine is the New Year Day. Children decorate the fir-tree with tinsel, coloured lights and toys. The adults prepare holiday dinners at home or go to New Year’s parties. Friends and relatives, exchange presents on this day and say to each other "Happy New Year It is the time of joy and hopes for the better future.

A week later on the 7th of January is Christmas. The main Christmas meal, called or Holy Supper is eaten on Christmas Eve on the 6th of January. Families celebrate with holiday dishes made especially for the event. They contain no meat, dairy or animal fat. Twelve dishes symbolize the 12 apostles. One of the dishes is traditionally kutya, an ancient dish made from wheat, poppy seeds, and nuts, a dish that is shared by all family members. In some regions of Western Ukraine there is a tradition to decorate the table with ‘Didukh’ -- a sheaf of wheat of special shape. It symbolizes prosperity for the next year.

At the beginning of spring, on the 8th of March another popular holiday is celebrated. It is the Women’s Day. It is the day when we thank our women for everything they do for us. We congratulate them and give flowers and presents.

Easter is the most important festivity of the year for Christians. People usually dye eggs for Easter and bake Easter cake. On Easter Day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Many Christian families go to church. The Easter baskets are blessed by the priest as part of the mass, and taken home by the families to eat in the morning.

April Fool’s Day is on 1 April. It’s the custom in Ukraine to play a trick or a joke on someone on this day.

The Day of Spring and Labour is celebrated on May 1st. On this day people prefer to go outdoors and take part in all kinds of outdoor activities.

The Victory Day is celebrated on May 9th.

In summer there are two big holidays: the Day of Constitution on the 28th of June and Independence Day on the 24th of August. Fireworks and various concerts and musical events are common throughout the country.

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