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Women’s Day began in the early 1900s. It was a time of great social crisis in Europe and the United States. Before that time, women had mainly worked at home. They cared for their families. Or they helped on family farms. But in the 1900s, women in these countries were starting to enter paid work. They worked mostly in cloth factories.

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The workers on these factories worked for low pay. And the working conditions were very poor. These factories were not very safe. And the workers had to work long hours. At this time trade unions were developing. These groups worked to protect the rights of all workers. They organized mass strikes – the workers stopped working for some time.

Women also joined these protests. They protested the poor treatment of women factory workers. The Social Political Party formed a women’s national committee. This group called for the party to give one day each year to women. National Woman’s Day began the following year, in 1909.

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In the year 1010, Women’s Day celebrations became more popular. Many women joined the protests in the USA. Some of these women to the International Conference of Socialist Women in Copenhagen in Denmark. They planned to suggest that Women’s Day become an international event.

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Other women fought for a right to vote. One of these activists was Clara Zetkin. She proposed that women throughout the world should unite for their rights. They should do this on a particular day each year. Many countries celebrated the International Women’s Day on March the 8th, 1911.

Over the time, women have gained many rights, they gained the right to vote. And they gained many other rights too.

Women’s Day is an official holiday in many countries. In some places, like Russia, no one has to work. In others places, like China, only women get a day off. Even in places where Women’s Day is not a holiday, people still celebrate. In Chile and Albania, men may give women small presents, like flowers or chocolate.

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