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My Friend Essay / My Friend Topic


I would like to tell you about my friend. Frankly speaking, I have a lot of friends. They are my classmates and boys and girls from my neighborhood.

But my bosom friend is Kate. She is my classmate. She is tall and slim with long straight dark hair and blue eyes. She has got a pail complexion. Kate is a pretty girl. She is well-bred, jolly and kind. She does well at school and it seems to me that all the subjects come equally easy to her. She is always well dressed and neat. She is always ready to help people, when they are in need. Kate is the only daughter of her parents and they adore her. Nevertheless, she is not selfish. I like to be around her, because we always have fun together. We have long walks with each other during which we discuss different things. My friend is witty and you can laugh with her and joke.

My best friend is fond of reading books, her favourite one is The Lord of the Rings. Besides, she goes in for sports.  Kate and I like to listen to good music, dance, watch new films and discuss them and do many other interesting things. We often go to the cinema, cafes, concerts and shows. I’m happy to have such a good friend as Kate.

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