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I’d like to tell you a little about my town. Kamianske is my native town. It is not big. Its population is about 200 thousand people. Our town is situated on both banks of the river Dnipro. Kamianske is an industrial town that is why we have a lot of environmental problems such as air and water pollution.   

Of course, Kamianske is not an ideal place to live. Most people who come to my town for the first time say that it is grey, dirty and miserable. They get irritated with poor roads quality and polluted air. And finally, they say that life in such a place should be rather depressing. Certainly, I am well aware of all the problems of my town. And still I think everything is not so bad.

Living in Kamianske suits me. It’s quiet and peaceful place. There are a lot of monuments in our town. Prometheus is a symbol of the town. The monument was created by Alex Sokil and opened in 1922. During the Second World War, the Germans blew up a monument hoping it was bronze. After the occupation of the town, the monument was returned to its former place. In 2000 the monument was replaced with a new one.

There are several libraries and the Historical Museum in Kamianske.

Academic Music and Drama Theater named after Lesia Ukrainka is located in one of the most beautiful buildings of Kamianske. The building is a monument of history and architecture.

There are cinemas, gyms and sports grounds, swimming pools, courts and hobby clubs in our town. There is a very beautiful central park. It is very beautiful in spring and summer.

I know that there are a lot of places in the world, which are more beautiful, more comfortable for living. But, as the proverb says, East or West, home is best.

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