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I want to tell you about my school. I am a pupil of the seventh form. My school is quite big: it has three floors. On the ground floor there is a gym, a canteen, a medical room, a school museum and a library.

We usually have breakfast and lunch in the canteen. They are always very tasty and nice. Our gym is very up-to-date. School sports competitions take place there. The school library is not big. But it has a lot of books.

Pupils get textbooks for free in the library. The first floor is for primary school pupils. There are several big classrooms and one with games and toys. After school pupils can stay at school, play games and do their homework there until their parents come to take them home.

On the second floor of my school you can find the classrooms of, Literature, Biology and English. There are three classrooms of English. They are decorated with pictures and maps.

On the third floor there are the classrooms of Chemistry, Biology, Maths and others. We have a big computer lab there, too.

Our chemistry lab is very big. During Chemistry lessons we make experiments with teacher’s help. I am not good at Chemistry, but I like working in our lab a lot.

All classrooms are nice and very cozy. There is a small assembly hall on the first floor. School meetings and concerts take place there. There is a small stage and modern equipment necessary for school plays and concerts.

I really like my school and I am happy to study in it.

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