My winter holidays essay. My winter vacation essay


Winter is my favourite season. I love my winter holidays. I have a lot of free time and can spend it with my friends. When it snows, we usually make snowmen. We also go sledding down the hill. I love making snow angels. I lie in the snow and flap my arms. It is fun. My friends and I like to have a good snowball fight.  We laugh a lot. When we get too cold, we go into the house and have a cup of hot chocolate. 

Every winter holiday I go to the country to visit my grandparents. I help my Grandpa to shovel the snow off the paths. Then my grandma and I bake cookies and make tea. We sit near the fireplace and talk. My friends and I sometimes go skating. I can skate very well.  In the evening my grandparents and I watch TV.

Winter has great holidays. My favourite are Christmas and New Year’s Day. I meet my relatives and get a lot of presents.

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