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I want to tell you about my daily routine. I get up at 7 o’clock in the morning and go to the bathroom. While I am in the bathroom my mother makes breakfast. I usually have porridge and a sandwich with tea for breakfast.

At 7.30  I leave home and go to school. It is not far from my house, but I don’t like to be late for my lessons, that’s why I leave home earlier. On my way to school I sometimes meet my classmates and friends. We talk and discuss things. I usually have seven lessons at school, sometimes eight. At school we have a lot of subjects: Maths, Ukrainian, Literature, English, Computing, Physical Education and others. We learn a lot of interesting and useful things at school.

After school I go back home. I leave my bag at home and go for a walk with my friends. I don’t go for long walks, because I usually have a lot of homework.

So, after walking I come back home and start doing my homework. My parents come back from work at 6 o’clock, and at 7 in the evening my family has supper.

If I finish my homework before supper I watch TV or play computer games after it. Sometimes I play chess with my father. I usually go to bed at ten, after my evening tea.

That’s my usual day.

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