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Our life can't be organized without rules. Everything in our life should be restricted with rules. Can you imagine even a game without rules; of course it will be a kind of mess.

Different rules apply to different situations.

For instance, at school you must be quite in class, you mustn’t cheat and you mustn’t talk to each other during the lesson.

There are some basic library rules which we should follow.

It is forbidden to bring food into the Library.

Mobile phones must be switched to 'silent' mode.

Private conversations are not permitted.

All books must be returned to the shelves after use.

If we drive the car we should follow traffic rules to avoid accident. Stop at the stop light, or sign. Wear a seatbelt. Follow the speed limit.

If we go to hospital we should follow hospital rules such as visitors time, dress code of doctors.

There are certain safety rules at home. All cleaning products, sharp objects and medicines must be kept in a safe place.  Parents shouldn’t allow their kids to play with matches. All the sockets must be covered while not in use.

As we can see rules play very important part in our life.

To sum up, I can say that people always need rules and laws to be able to live and deal together.

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