Saint Patrick's Day celebration


Every year on march 17th the city of Chicago in the United States does something unusual. They change the color of the river that runs through the city. They use food coloring to turn the water green. They use about 18 kilograms of this vegetable based dye for the water. They do this to celebrate an Irish Saint - Saint Patrick.

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Many St. Patrick's Day celebrations involve a lot of food and drinks. Some of the food and drinks are green too.

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Another tradition is to wear green and if you do not someone may just pinch you.

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But Chicago is not only one place that celebrates Saint Patrick. People in cities and countries around the world celebrate him. Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. He is known for his religious work on that island.

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In the 17th and 18th centuries large groups of irish immigrants moved to the United States. This spread Saint Patrick's day celebrations to many communities there. But the United States and Ireland are not the only places that celebrate this holiday. People in Canada, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Japan and Russia all celebrate St. Patrick's day.

But the biggest celebrations today are in Ireland. Today in the city of Dublin about one million people take part in Saint Patrick's festival. This celebration is five days long. It includes parades, music, dancing, outdoor plays, fireworks and more.

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Also, you can watch video about this holiday:

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