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There are four seasons in a year: winter, spring, summer and autumn. Every season is beautiful and pleasant in its own way. Winter is the coldest season of the year. Winters are usually cold, snowy and sometimes very frosty. It isn’t very pleasant to go out because you must wear warm clothing. But winter is a wonderful season for sports. People go skating and skiing and children play hockey and snowballs. Downhill skiing is becoming more and more popular. A lot of people go to the mountains and visit popular winter skiing resorts.

When spring comes, nature awakens from its long winter sleep. The days grow longer and the nights grow shorter. We can hear birds singing. The snow starts melting and green grass and new green leaves begin to appear. It’s so beautiful to see the new spring leaves, grass and flowers! The sun usually shines brightly, but sometimes it rains.


Summer is the hottest season. The weather is usually fine, and the sky is blue, clear and cloudless. Summers are usually hot and dry, so it’s a good time to go hiking, fishing or have a nice holiday at the seaside. People try to get away from the city and spend more time in the open air.

Autumn is a rainy season. The rains are very cold, especially in October and November. One might say that autumn is an unpleasant season. But that’s not right at all! Autumn is very beautiful. The leaves turn yellow, red and brown. At the end of autumn all the ground is covered with fallen leaves. More than that, there is always a spell of fine weather in September or October, when it is warm and sunny. This spell is called Indian summer. Besides, autumn is a wonderful time for going to the country because there are a lot of mushrooms and berries in the forests.

To sum up, I think every season has its own beauty and charm. A new season comes and new activities begin.

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