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It is difficult to imagine our life without shopping. Some people like shopping, others don’t but they all have to go shopping at least once a week. Our family usually does the shopping on Saturdays or Sundays. We have a lot of supermarkets near our block of flats. There are some department stores in our town which sell everything from perfume to furniture.  Dmart is the largest department store in our town. It offers a great variety of high quality woolen skirts, leather jackets and designer clothes. There are a lot of small boutiques in Kamianske. There you can buy fashionable clothes and shoes. For shoppers with big bank accounts, there is a wide range of jewellers'. Shops are usually open from eight or ten in the morning till about seven in the evening, from Monday to Saturday.

My dream is to visit Harrods. It is the most popular department store in the world.  Around 35000 people visit Harrods every day. It has got 300 departments spread over seven floors and employs over 4000 stuff. It also has eight doormen, known as 'Green Men', as well as its own fire brigade, security personnel, doctors and nurses.

Harrods is the official supplier of certain goods to the Royal Family, and sells everything from clothes to caviar.

Nowadays there are different ways of shopping. It’s becoming more and more popular to shop online. You just surf the Internet and look through the enormous range of goods. Moreover, you can compare prices and find a real bargain. Also, you can have your purchases delivered. It’s amazingly easy and saves a lot of time and energy.

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