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The Best Classroom and Halloween Party Games Ever


These classroom Halloween games will keep students having fun for the whole party.

1. How Many Candies guessing Game

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This Halloween games is great for Halloween parties. Fill a large glass jar with candies. The children should guess how many pieces of candies are in the jar to win all the candies. Whoever guessed the number correctly (or came the closest) wins the jar!

2. Pop the balloons

English Portal

This gross game is always a popular Halloween party game for kids! The players run around the room trying to pop the balloons tied around each other’s ankles. The goal is to be the only one with an un-popped balloon still attached when the game ends.

2.1. Halloween sound stories

English Portal

This is an amazing Halloween game.

The teacher records sound such as the wind, a storm, a cat meowing, steps and so on.

The children listen to and identify sounds and then make a few sentences based on what they hear. Ex. “I am in the forest; I can hear a ghost….”

Download Halloween sounds

3. Pop the balloons and find a candy

English Portal

A fun Halloween party game for kids. Put candy inside the balloons, blow them up, and pop the balloons to release what’s inside!!

3.1. Halloween storytelling

English Portal

Hand out these Halloween images to your students. Deal out them equally. Play the beginning of the story. The first player shows one of his pictures and continues the story. The second player should then choose a suitable card to follow on as the next event in the story, and narrate the next stage.

4. Blood test

English Portal

This is the perfect Halloween game. You will need a carton of cherry juice and  medical syringes. This is a hilarious game where guests race to move “blood” from one glass to another using medical syringes

5. Halloween Candy Hunt

English Portal

A fun and active Halloween party game. This  is fun holiday activity for kids of all ages. The object of this Halloween activity is to simply find the hidden candy.

6. Halloween Freeze Dance

English Portal

This is a Halloween party game that will get kids moving! Play Halloween party music or creepy sound effects and tell the children to dance. When you turn off the music, they all need to freeze. Whoever is caught moving during the freeze is out of the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho8NXCvwElY

7. Halloween Guess Who Game

English Portal

The kids will love this Halloween party game where they have to write a word that has something to do with Halloween on a piece of paper ( bat ghost…). The players sit in a circle. Choose someone to be “it”. The player who is “it” stands in the middle of the circle with one of the words pinned to his or her back. The player tries to find out who is he or she by asking yes or no question.

8. Wrap the Mummy

English Portal

What good is a Halloween party without a Mummy? Use toilet paper or crepe paper to see who can wrap a human mummy the fastest in this fast-paced Halloween party game.

9. Halloween Memory Game “Cameras”

English Portal

To play this Halloween party game you have to download images at this link

Give the children 30 seconds to study the picture and then ask them to cover the picture so it cannot be seen. Then they have to name as many objects as they can remember. A child gets 1 candy for each correct answer.

10. Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin

English Portal

In this Halloween party game, you’ll post the pumpkin image on a wall, blind fold the party guest, and let them try to pin the nose on the pumpkin.

11. Pass the Pumpkin

English Portal

This is a merry Halloween party game. Give children a small pumpkin to pass around. Play Halloween party music as they pass the pumpkin, and periodically stop the music. Whoever is holding the pumpkin is out. The game continues until one person is left with the pumpkin.

12. Trick-or-Treat Memory Game

English Portal

A simple Halloween party game that doesn't require any special props. In turn, each child begins by saying "I went trick or treating and I collected...", each child repeats all the things and adds to the list. For example,

the first child says, "I collected a bar of chocolate”

the second child says, "I collected a bar of chocolate and a lollipop”

the third child says, "I collected a bar of chocolate, a lollipop and a candy ”

13. Musical candies.

English Portal

Give children a candy to pass around. Play Halloween party music as they pass the candy, and periodically stop the music. Whoever is holding the candy is out and he or she gets this candy.

The remaining children get another candy and the game continues until one player remains. The last one is a looser.

14. Continue a Halloween song

English Portal

The kids will love this musical Halloween party game. Play a passage from the Halloween song and let the children continue it


English Portal

This Halloween party game is a great ice breaker game for your Halloween party. Cut several strips of paper.

On half of the strips write the word ‘treat’. On the other half write ‘trick’ with a trick such as “hop on one foot””, “pat your head and rub your belly”. You can find the list of “Tricks”at this link

Place all of the strips in a Halloween bag.

Have the children form a circle. Walk around the circle. Each player draws a paper out of the bag and performs a trick or receives a treat ( small piece of candy).


English Portal

Here's another Halloween party game. Carve out the insides of a pumpkin, but leave the pumpkin seeds and goop inside the pumpkin.  (Tips for carving pumpkins)

Blindfold one child at a time and have them reach in and grab out some messy seeds. Have small paper cups ready with each child’s name on it. Put their ‘goop’ in their cup.

After each child takes their turn, have each one count out their seeds.

Whoever has the most seeds wins a prize. (Give all children a prize for being a good sport–and the winner an additional small prize)


English Portal

If your group of children loves bowling, then they are going to appreciate this pumpkin bowling Halloween game. All it takes is a pumpkin, some rolls of toilet paper and a black permanent marker!

18. HALLOWEEN day and night game

English Portal

Another simple Halloween party game. Hide candies around the classroom. All the children are bats. The bats can search for candies only at night, by day they should be asleep.

Teacher says “day” and kids search for candies

Teacher says “night” and kids pretend to be asleep


English Portal

Here's a traditional Halloween game. Fill a large tub with water and several apples. The players must try to bite” into and “catch” and apple while holding their hands behind their backs. Don’t forget to have some towels handy.


English Portal

Hang donuts for a donut eating contest! .... Have the kids race to eat the donuts off of the string with their hands behind their backs.

21. Pumpkin Roll

English Portal

The kids will love this physical Halloween party game. This game is fast moving and so much fun. Kids can compete against each other or divide into teams and have a relay race. Push the broom like you’re sweeping to get your pumpkin to roll.

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