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Learn letters!


It is believed that letter sounds are more helpful and useful to pre-readers than letter names and therefore, should be taught first.

These games help pre-K children practice Letter Sound learning in a fun way.

We’ve created activities that help a beginner or struggling reader to learn the letter-sounds

Learning letter sounds is an important step in learning how to read. Below are some fun ways to practice letter sounds with your kids!

Students just follow the step-by-step activities to identify beginning & ending sounds—or short and long vowel sounds—for every letter of the alphabet!

Our activities are simple enough for kids to use on their own and super fun! Kids learn and practice the most common sound each letter makes.They enjoy playing and learning letter sounds at the same time!

Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Task 4

Also you can watch this video - English Numbers 1-10 Game. Learn Numbers:

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