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12 Ideas for Online (Virtual) Summer Camp


Around the world trip.

Each student chooses a country which he has already visited or wants to visit. The students write and read a description of what they will do or what they did in each country. The others have to guess the country.

Summer Learning Ideas



Give the students a minute to study the picture. Then hide the picture so it cannot be seen. Then they have to write down what was in the suitcase. Each student writes their list of items. The person with the most correct answers is the winn

What is Earth Day?


Earth Day is an international event when people all over the world think about how we can protect our planet. Earth Day takes place on 22nd April every year.

Easter Traditions and Symbols in Britain


Easter is a very important festival in Great Britain. Easter day is always on Sunday, and it is in spring. the wish for this day is “Happy Easter”. There are many symbols and interesting traditions on this day.

Saint Patrick's Day celebration


Every year on march 17th the city of Chicago in the United States does something unusual. They change the color of the river that runs through the city. They use food coloring to turn the water green.

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