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My heroes were from the pages of storybooks, not the stars of sport or reality television. Looking back, I think I was a lucky child. My parents bought the old run down house in the country because they had very little money. In addition to this, my dad was a writer who liked solitude and my mother was an artist who needed inspiration.
For that freedom, I shall be eternally grateful to them.

1) Never since that time have I felt so happy and contented. I doubt whether I shall ever recapture the dreams I then dreamed or the freedom I then experienced.

2) They were both wrapped up in their work and in each other and I was allowed to roam free for the first few precious years.

3) Perhaps the nights weren't quite as still and moonlit. Perhaps the room was more cramped than snug.

4) We were princes and princesses locked up in an old castle, pirates on the high seas and spacemen battling with atrocious monsters!

5) It would touch the books on my desk and then form a big pool of light on the floorboards by the rug.

6) I can still see the cracks on the ceiling and the water stain from when the water tank overflowed in the attic.